University Year 1: Denim +

These are some of my favourite images from the Denim + photoshoot. I used Tyler as a model as i thought that she would really suit this style, we were also able to work in collaboration with each other as she is studying hair and make-up at college, so this helped her out with her portfolio also. These images were taken in an abandoned WW2 lab where they made bombs (apparently), so even though my outfit isn’t based around WW2 i did think that is was quite fitting.. with the 1940’s\50’s work outfit. For my exhibition poster i will be using the first top image as i think that this showcases my outfit the best.


University Year 1: Professional Practice

These are some links to my final work for Professional Practice, my final Portfolio, Covering Letter and Final CV. Overall, i’m really pleased with them, i have also set up some social media accounts that i update regularly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.39.16

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.40.36.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.41.20.png



University Year 1: Creative Drawing & Digital Application

For this project it was split into two parts, one being the creative drawing side which I found very challenging because my not confident with drawing. I ended up really enjoying it because i learnt some new techniques of drawing which suit my style much more. I have just attached a few of my favourite drawings, including  few life drawing images.

I have also kept a blog of my progression through the weeks

For the second part (Digital Application) i created a publication/magazine which was based around the idea of body image and body shaming. I spoke about can you be healthy at any size, and why are we so quick to judge the size 0 and plus sized models. I looked at Tess Holliday and the controversy around her. I made my writing unbiased so that the reader could make up their own decision.

University Year 1: Digital Fashion

This project was our introduction to using Lectra Software and the first time i have also used indesign. I really enjoy this, and this is the pathway which i would like to take. I chose to ‘design’ for a company called Babyghost, i had to tailor my prints around their style. I also made a jersey t-shirt using the Modaris software and a booklet showing how i did all of this.

Out of all the projects i am mostly proud of this one, everything came out looking really professional and i learnt so many new skills.

University Year 1 : White Shirt Project

My first project of University, Creative Practice or The White Shirt Project. I chose to based mine around the decaying of flowers, i watched different flowers decay over the space of a few weeks in different conditions and found shapes to create a garment.

I liked the idea of distressing the fabric to show the decaying of the flowers, I then developed my initial shapes and drawings to come up with the final shape. I changed the cuffs, collar and the button wrap to suit my needs.

Foundation in Art and Design : FMP

For my Final Major Project I chose base my work around the idea of ‘Protest Art’. I narrowed this down to looking into rape culture as this seemed to be something that was trending on social media. I looked mostly looked into the idea of how woman are not ‘Asking for it’ by the type of clothing they wear, and how people use this as a scape goat.

For my final garment made a piece that could either be seen as restricting or restraining the body depending on the on lookers views. The garment was dyed very light greys and flesh colours, i also distressed the fabric and added latex so that the fabric could be scrunched up and manipulated easily.