Foundation in Art and Design : Deconstruct Reconstruct

I chose to take a car seat covers to deconstruct to make into a garment, i wanted to use the shapes of the panels to fit onto the body instead of making new shapes. I found this much more inspirational because i really had to think about where each part went and how it would fit to the body. I used the different layers of the car seat as a feature instead of cutting it away, and i also used parts of the piping in the seat to finish of raw edges.


Foundation in Art and Design: Deconstruct Reconstruct

Firstly we worked together to make an old pair of net curtains into a garment without sewing or cutting anything, we decided instead to use wire to create shape. Once we had created this shape we were then allowed to sew and cut into the fabric (very minimal amounts).

Foundation in Art and Design: Media Brief

For this brief I looked at shoes, and the idea of shoes showing your personality and telling a story. I went around taking photos of different peoples shoes and then trying to figure out what they liked doing for example, one mans shoes were worn down on one side like my brothers from skating so it gave me an in site into what he liked to do.

I manipulated photos and using a graphics tablet i drew some illustrations to go along side these.

Foundation in Art and Design : Art Brief

This project brief was based around the word ‘Island’, we could use this as loosely or as strictly as we wanted. I chose to base mine around people being their own ‘Islands’ and that we carry our secrets on our shoulders.

For the final piece i used 3 of my ‘secrets’ and printed them onto acetate to make a collar. The background would be blacked out so that the words would create shadows on the wall and the body.