F.A.T Project

For my Evaluation of the F.A.T project click on this link evaluation-of-fat-project


Today we had our presentation, it went really well if felt like all our group read our parts well and it flowed smoothly. The presentation itself looked really professional and the video really created the ‘tension’ that we wanted to show at the beginning of the presentation.

We also got some really lovely feedback from the tutors and they seemed to like our final piece and how our movie and presentation all worked together.

Click here to view the presentation fat-presentation-final-2


Today we began by securing the part that Tom made from yesterday, we chopped it down a little so it would fit onto the top of the first part of the crane. We then secured it and made a base, so even the weight out so we could pull and hand pieces of fit work off of the arm of the crane. The textiles girls carried on making more knit samples, this time larger ones so that we could cover the wooden base of the crane, but also some longer pieces so that we could stretch them over the structure. Today i mainly worked on securing the crane and making sure it stuck to the base.

We also saw the video and presentation that some of the other group had been working on to go along side out final piece. It all looks really lovely and works well together, the recordings that we did at poole quay work really well with the video and the sound track.


We have also placed a light inside the sculpture to shine through the knit, and when our video is playing we would like the lights off to go with our theme of tension.


Our team photo at the end of the day! It’s been really nice meeting new people, learning what they do on their course and how they do it!


We started by meeting in the library, I don’t think everyone attended straight away. Only 1 of the architecture students showed up to begin with showed up which was worrying because obviously we all needed to make this crane shape as the basis of our final piece. We began by going into our studios and the textile students went to get the knit machines as we havn’t yet been inducted in them. We began by making hand knit, and a we weaving samples whilst the textiles students used the machines. I never thought about using knit but from looking at what the textile students were doing looked really amazing and a lot quicker and more effective than the hand knitting. 

In the afternoon one more arcitcture student showed up so some of us went into the workshop to start making our structure, as Tom hadn’t showed up yet as he had an appointment and he was the most confident in making the crane. Eventhough we didn’t quite know what we were doing we managed to make a really nice twisted structure that gave us ideas of where to hand the knit from. I also did a few metal samples, again which i would really like to use in future projects possibly as they were really simple and effective.

Once Tom came into uni, he started on making the arm of the crane and we are going to carry on sampling and attaching this tomorrow from 11am.


Today we got into our groups, we began by quickly talking to each other and finding out who was from which course. I felt really comfortable, mostly because there were 6 fashion students out of the 13 in our group so i found it easier talking to other people. Our word was Tension. 

We all thought that we’d go to Poole and get it out the way for the day, so that we would have a full two days to make our final piece. We took a few photos of the quay, and walking down the highstreet we most tried to all get different images so that we would all have different perspectives. Getting down to the quay, we thought about using the idea of looking at The lack of tension, which i really loved the idea of because it was a twist on our original word and we could look at more loose and baggy shapes, or maybe ropes or chains that had broken due to tension and now had the ‘lack of it’.

After we all grouped back together we took a walk towards the banging noises coming from the crane. It was mostly the really loud, banging noises that interested us, we all linked the idea to tension and thought it would be a really nice concept and we could also make a film. From quickly talking about our ideas we then decided to base our piece on a crane, whilst paring it with the banging noises that we had recorded that day, and use knit to hang from the crane and create tension.

We also decided on a colour palette, from taking pictures around the quay we chose to look at the sunset because it also tied into the orange and blues on the boats. We are meeting up again tomorrow at 10am, bringing in anything we have for samples. The architecture students are mostly going to work on making the crane, but we were all more than happy to go unto the workshops and see how they make the structure and help, as this could help us with future projects.