Design Identity

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(Evaluation of Exhibition)


these images were from the exhibition of how i set up my work.

Few images from the photoshoot of work that i really loved. Also photos of our groups set up (1st three images)


A few of my favourite and edited images of the photoshoot from Sunday. I wanted to keep them black and white to fit with my theme. I tried photos with and without the masks to see how they looked. I went to Holton heath industrial estate because I wanted more of a run down look, the barb wire fence really sets a nice background.

Stylised Manifesto


I felt that it was appropriate to create a styalised manifesto to fit with my project. As ive tried to be very print and illustration based with this project which i have enjoyed so much i think that this version of my manifesto really suits me and my project as a whole.



Final Garments 

Final garment photos, really happy how these have turned out i think they all compliment each other and they look very similar to my illustrations and drawings in the initial design stage!

Third toile of the overshirt

This toile is mostly correct apart from deciding new fastening, i’m having two D rings to attach to the collar stand so i can have a chain and a lobster clip coming from this to support the half collar. I have also changed the fastenings at the side to large black poppers so that they can be hidden inside the side placket.

Final roll neck

Second toile of the overshirt

My second toile of the under top showed me where i needed to improve, I’ve added a placket for the side fastening so it wasn’t so bulky and fits nicely. I need to order knitted collars to finish off the front, back and the armholes. I need to make sure i include the knitted collars into the placket at the side and the collar stand. I have also changed the drape at the top to both ends being attached into the yoke and the top drape being made from the same mesh the roll neck is to show off the print design on the back.

Final Toiles 

My roll neck is quite simple so it works really well to go underneath the under top. The neck roll is big enough and sits nicely. The sleeves are very long but not excessive.

These are my final trouser toilet they work really well, the only part i need to change is straightening the trouser from the side seam of the pocket bags so they don’t lean inwards and come more straight.

First Toiles

My first attempt at the trousers came out surprisingly well, they seemed to fit really nicely and the pockets worked well and looked how i had imagined. But i need to practice fly zips a lot more and i need to add extra to the waistband to make sure it covers the fly guard. The top also worked well, i need to reconsider the neck, i wanted to make it into one piece because i didn’t want loads of seams being shown and to double over the neck to hide seams also.

On Friday 27th i started my draped shirt, it was really difficult. But i have managed to cut it into pattern pieces that i think could work. I just need to remember to notch correctly otherwise I’ll never be able to put it back together. The cotton pique that i have brought to make the shirt also might need to be reconsidered which I’m sad about because the cotton pique is stretchy, drapes well and is soft. But again this might not work well enough for the overall shirt.



Thinking About my Final Print

The ‘talk to the hand print’ will be on the front of my striped trousers, I wanted the print to cover basically the whole of the front. I also made the lines thicker as in some of the samples they came out very thin and this wouldn’t look effective on the front of the jeans. I also blacked out some of the details to get a really bold print. This will be split into 4 separate a3 sheets onto a large screen.


This print will be on the back of the shirt, split onto 2 a3 sheets on a medium screen. Again I made the lines thicker and blacked out more of the details.


Start of my Technical Drawings

I started my final design as a technical drawing, mostly so I could see where I would like to put the print.


Final 6 Collection

I’m really happy with how my final collection line up looks,  I think that all the designs work well together and compliment each other. I’m choosing to make design number 5.

The trousers will have screen printed stripes so I’m able to get the desired look, with screen printed and foiled design on top. The draped shirt will have another screen printed and possibly foiled design on the back. The mesh over sized long sleeve top will be a separate piece underneath the shirt, just so it gives the layered look i’m going for.



At the moment I’m really open to the fabrics that i would like to use so i thought I’d sample of lots of different fabrics to find what works and looks best with my illustrations. I tried out different types of denim striped and plain i really loved the striped idea however i would like to screen print my own stripes so i can choose how big i would like them and the colours. I also used screen print and foiling which again i really loved and i want to have within the final design. I also really loved how the puff binder looked and felt on the neoprene however for my final design i don’t think it would be suitable but could be used somewhere in the collection.

I would like to have these hung up or laid out for our exhibition/show case of our work, because I’m really happy with them.


Initial Print Designs

I started by looking at fall out boy lyrics and my drawing style from the summer project and combined the two. I added colour to these as well as just having line versions so I would be able to experiment with print designs but i would like to make some embroidery bags also. I really enjoy this style of illustration and think that this is my style that I’m happy with.


Initial Design Line up

My initial designs were mostly based on the idea of layering, I was taking inspiration from similar designers that have used subculture/music inspiration within their collections. From looking at the videos in the young blood chronicles i was able to stylise my designs around this.




These are a few screenshots of my lectra booklet/tech pack. These are the main sketchbook pages that I have used to inspire me for my collection. I used a lot of working on the stand, using clothes that i already had to create different shapes. I wanted to see how i could make them twist and drape on the stand, once i took them into my sketchbook i drew on top of them to create garments.


Initial Idea/Thinking Process.

When thinking about what to base my project on I thought initially about what inspired me as a designer. To begin with i couldn’t think of anything, i didn’t really think anything had influenced me enough to design the garments I like. I started by thinking about when was it that I begin dressing the way I wanted to, what was the time when I really decided what i wanted to look like.

Around the age of 12/13 I started listening to a band called Fall Out Boy, they really influenced me in the way I wanted to dress and my friends that I hung around with. As Fall Out boy were part of the alternative/emo subculture I wanted to dress this way, and I also felt like it really suited me.

Not long after Fall Out boy has a hiatus for around 4 years, within this time I was going to college, did my foundation course and really decided that fashion was what I wanted to do. Of course I don’t dress the same as I used to but I still kept the elements of how I used to be but now in a more ‘grown up way’ I began getting tattoos, piercings and I always dyed my hair bright colours.

When Fall Out boy came back from their Hiatus they were more ‘grown up’, their music was different, I really related to this as it was a band that has seen me through my young teenage years and beyond. They released ‘Young Blood chronicles’ and this is where my initial idea came from, I wanted to style my collection based upon this and the idea of how music and subculture go hand in hand.