University Year 1: Creative Drawing & Digital Application

For this project it was split into two parts, one being the creative drawing side which I found very challenging because my not confident with drawing. I ended up really enjoying it because i learnt some new techniques of drawing which suit my style much more. I have just attached a few of my favourite drawings, including  few life drawing images.

I have also kept a blog of my progression through the weeks

For the second part (Digital Application) i created a publication/magazine which was based around the idea of body image and body shaming. I spoke about can you be healthy at any size, and why are we so quick to judge the size 0 and plus sized models. I looked at Tess Holliday and the controversy around her. I made my writing unbiased so that the reader could make up their own decision.


University Year 1: Digital Fashion

This project was our introduction to using Lectra Software and the first time i have also used indesign. I really enjoy this, and this is the pathway which i would like to take. I chose to ‘design’ for a company called Babyghost, i had to tailor my prints around their style. I also made a jersey t-shirt using the Modaris software and a booklet showing how i did all of this.

Out of all the projects i am mostly proud of this one, everything came out looking really professional and i learnt so many new skills.

University Year 1 : White Shirt Project

My first project of University, Creative Practice or The White Shirt Project. I chose to based mine around the decaying of flowers, i watched different flowers decay over the space of a few weeks in different conditions and found shapes to create a garment.

I liked the idea of distressing the fabric to show the decaying of the flowers, I then developed my initial shapes and drawings to come up with the final shape. I changed the cuffs, collar and the button wrap to suit my needs.

Foundation in Art and Design : FMP

For my Final Major Project I chose base my work around the idea of ‘Protest Art’. I narrowed this down to looking into rape culture as this seemed to be something that was trending on social media. I looked mostly looked into the idea of how woman are not ‘Asking for it’ by the type of clothing they wear, and how people use this as a scape goat.

For my final garment made a piece that could either be seen as restricting or restraining the body depending on the on lookers views. The garment was dyed very light greys and flesh colours, i also distressed the fabric and added latex so that the fabric could be scrunched up and manipulated easily.

Foundation in Art and Design : Deconstruct Reconstruct

I chose to take a car seat covers to deconstruct to make into a garment, i wanted to use the shapes of the panels to fit onto the body instead of making new shapes. I found this much more inspirational because i really had to think about where each part went and how it would fit to the body. I used the different layers of the car seat as a feature instead of cutting it away, and i also used parts of the piping in the seat to finish of raw edges.